Friday, August 16, 2013


Wearing: (Boutique) Leather Crop Top | (Guess) High Waisted Jeans | (Credezign) Necklace | (Nordstorm) Earrings | (Credezign)  Bracelet | (TJMaxx) Heels

I got this lovely necklace from credezign but even though I have so much to pair it with I just didn't know off the top with what this time. So I came across my leather crop top. And decided to take a chance with that and pair it with some jeans and I just knew the perfect ones that would go great with it, which was my knee torn ones. I adore the wild but sleek necklace. It can be really daring and bold even though its dark. I will be mixing this piece up with a lot of different things.    

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Rail Off

Wearing: ( H&M ) Graphic Shirt | ( Ralph Lauren ) Shorts | ( TJ Maxx ) Button Down | ( H&M ) Shoes | (  Forever21 ) Accessories

My Summer style is anything that can keep me cooled off, not too much sweating and still fly and stylish. I love wearing black, its pretty much the main color in my closet even though yellow & pink is my favorite color. But  anyways about a week ago I was doing some unplanned shopping in New York and I happened to stop by H&M and a few other stores and H&M had a freaking sale. I didn't even know until I got to the front of the line to purchase one thing . So I kinda went crazy in the store and bought up a lot of things including this shirt you see above in the photo. But long story short I have some amazing pieces I am going to put together for you guys hope you love them when you see them.