Monday, September 23, 2013

High off Blue

 Wearing: Shirt From NY Boutique | (Macy's) Pants | (Nordstrom) Ankle Heels

On this beautiful day I decide to wear my high and low shirt. I absolutely fell in love with this shirt when I first saw it. As you can see its not like most high low shirts. Mine is actually high low on the sides instead, I paired it with pants because I wanted to balance the shirt out with something that wouldn't make it too revealing afterwards I just cuffed the pants. I didn't really want accessories either because the design of the shirt was enough already and I wanted to keep it simple.

Saturday, September 14, 2013


Wearing: Shirt From Local Boutique | Pants (Liz Claiborne) | Earrings (Forever 21) | Necklace (Nordstrom) | Glasses Prescription | Shoes (Apostrophe) 

When I came across this shirt I just knew no doubt in my mind that I had to get it. I also love the fact that its not so big but can still be noticeable. I had got these red pants this summer had no clue on what I wanted to pair them with I knew nothing too bold because they were already bright red. But when I got this shirt I just knew I would pair it with them and it would be perfect. Hope you enjoy the look    

Friday, August 16, 2013


Wearing: (Boutique) Leather Crop Top | (Guess) High Waisted Jeans | (Credezign) Necklace | (Nordstorm) Earrings | (Credezign)  Bracelet | (TJMaxx) Heels

I got this lovely necklace from credezign but even though I have so much to pair it with I just didn't know off the top with what this time. So I came across my leather crop top. And decided to take a chance with that and pair it with some jeans and I just knew the perfect ones that would go great with it, which was my knee torn ones. I adore the wild but sleek necklace. It can be really daring and bold even though its dark. I will be mixing this piece up with a lot of different things.    

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Rail Off

Wearing: ( H&M ) Graphic Shirt | ( Ralph Lauren ) Shorts | ( TJ Maxx ) Button Down | ( H&M ) Shoes | (  Forever21 ) Accessories

My Summer style is anything that can keep me cooled off, not too much sweating and still fly and stylish. I love wearing black, its pretty much the main color in my closet even though yellow & pink is my favorite color. But  anyways about a week ago I was doing some unplanned shopping in New York and I happened to stop by H&M and a few other stores and H&M had a freaking sale. I didn't even know until I got to the front of the line to purchase one thing . So I kinda went crazy in the store and bought up a lot of things including this shirt you see above in the photo. But long story short I have some amazing pieces I am going to put together for you guys hope you love them when you see them.              

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Rock My Flow

 Wearing : (American Apparel) Body Top | (Express) Wrap Skirt | (Macy's) Strap Heels

When I saw this  gorgeous background I just knew that I had to take a picture in front of it when I drove past. This scenery was amazing. I decided that I was just going to wear something flowy and mesh for the gathering I was going to with some friends. I love black so of course it would be black lol. Flowers is so perfect for the summer to wear so I wanted  something with a bit of flowers in it. I had remembered the other day I had bought this long flower skirt that just went well with my body shirt. Didn't add any accessories again.                    

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Clover Canyon

Loving the Clover Canyon Collections very cultured and unique. These are just a couple of my favorite looks that I decided to share with you guys. I love the shirt and pants set which are very in right now. Even though my attention was drawn to this lovely shirt on how it was cut and styled is just perfect for the pants. This last dress on the end is a little bold and sexy which I love not too much along with its simple detailing. You know I had to save the best for last, no words to say this dress speaks for itself . Its more casual than the other two but I still love it because you can somewhat dress it up.                     

Gladiator Love

Wearing: (Ralph Lauren) Blouse | (Ralph Lauren) Shorts |(MakeMeChic) Gladiator Sandals | Prescription Glasses  

Today my outfit was just simple full of white. There are just some days where simplicity is the best thing for that day. Throw on a button down or a cardigan with some khakis or nice pants/shorts and there you have it you can start your day. I actually kind of dressed my casual up by placing on a pair of gladiators instead of simple sandals or flats, didn't want it too simple and boring lol. I have so many pair of glasses but I thought these would be just perfect for my accessories because I did not want any necklace, bracelet or ring on for this particular outfit. If you notice I didn't even wear earrings and eight times out of ten  I ALWAYS wear earrings when my hair is pulled up.                     

Monday, July 15, 2013

White Out My Black

 Wearing: Shirt Local Boutique | (Forever 21) Plated Necklace |  (Asos) Acid Denim Jeans | (Macy's) Open Toe Heels

    I am obsessed with the shoulder pad shirts, these awesome things make the shirts look so fab and take your outfit to another level. You can dress them up or down but i decided to just go casual with it and throw on some acid washed jeans. I couldn't imagine not wearing these jeans with these shirt just knew they would go perfect with the shirt as a casual outfit. If I  wanted to dress it up I probably would of threw on a nice sleek skirt and changed the heel to a closed toe heel instead. My two necklaces I added was to dress the outfit up a little so its not too casual but not dressy either. Wanted to keep my accessories to a minimum, but make the few ones I had on stand out from the dark colors.            

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Blue Pearl

(Asos) Striped Crop | (Forever 21) Leather Skirt | (Amazon)One Toe Wedges |(Nordstrom) Pearl Necklace | (Macy's) Sunglasses

Leather skirts are freaking awesome. You can never go wrong with leather as long as it fits your style. I love the classy 50 and 60 looks with the pearl earrings and necklaces. I actually have only one necklace and not three if anyone was curious. I didn't want to accessorize too much because I wanted to keep it simple and classy. But I decided to change it up and give it my own modern day style with a little of the styles from different time periods. Never be afraid to mix different looks, play with different styles and colors. My closet gives me life and I love expressing myself through whatever I'm wearing that day. I actually  wore this lovely outfit to a dinner date out with my friends.              

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Golden Glow

Wearing: (Thread Scene) Crop Top | (The Grand Social) Slit Skirt | (Macy's) Gold & Black Necklace | Vintage Floral Belt  | Vintage Pink Heels

I decided to go for a matching top and bottom for a more sleek look. So it was nice and sunny out I chose to wear my slit skirt and my crop. I added my floral gold belt to add a little color and detailing in my outfit along with my gold and black necklace. The vintage pink shoes came along after I placed the necklace on. I wanted just a little more color so I went with the pink heels by the way I had bought the heels from a local vintage spot close near home . This was a really simple outfit for my on going day. The skirt I was wearing was also slit adjustable so if you aren't as comfortable wearing your slit so high up you could lower it to your comfort level.        

Friday, July 5, 2013

Abandon Flames

(Acne) Sheer Tie Blouse |  (Go Jane) Flaming Fire Leggings | (Macy's) Open Toe Heels | Cross Chain By One of my Favorite Jewelers down South |

I actually didn't plan on taking photos today but it was so nice outside so I said what the heck might as well. When I first saw those leggings I knew I had to get those especially with my style and how I love expressing myself through my fashion. These badass leggings can be worn with just about any plain, graphic, or printed shirt all depending on the person and your style on how you want to dress them. I decided to do all black cause I just love black so much lol. I also really love the sheer top its really light and flowy for the summer heat, knowing that summer heat you just got to stay cool. Hope you enjoy this look. Thanks

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Over All Leather

  (Nasty Gal) Leather Crop Top | (Guess) Denim Overalls | Silver Necklace By ( ) | Leather Snap-Back|  (YES) Black & White Wedges

This Overall style as been re created so many times even though it has I decided to recreate it one more time but with my own style. Diversity is great so I know many of you have seen different diversities of this. And mixed and matched old looks with new ones and a little of your style. I paired my overalls with a nice leather thin strap crop top. This crop is a vintage crop top that I found at a all vintage store, absolutely love my vintage lol. And for shoes some black and white platform wedges to set the tone for  the look i was going for. Added my black leather snap-back matching with my crop and was all set for the day. A simple but edgy summer look for those nice sunny days. Wore my purple matte lip stick to add a little color to this look. Thanks hope you enjoy

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Gray Gold

Wearing:  Crop Top From NY Boutique  | Earrings From NY Boutique  | (Newlook) Chain belt |  (Asos) Harem pants | (Nordstrom) Ankle strap heels

I absolutely love mixing gold and silver or as in this photo gray and gold. This crop top that I got from a diverse boutique I found in New York I decided to pair it with some harem pants that I bought for this summer. I just knew it would go great with them. My earrings were also bought at that boutique that I discovered. I actually seen the earrings first and thought they were fly but a little hesitant about buying them. I have alot of gold studs that's why, but once i seen that gray crop I just knew they were a must have and that I just had to pair them with this lovely outfit I was creating in my head. Last but not least my awesome heels I decided to wear were ankle straps. Knew it would go great with my harem pants. Tanks        

Monday, May 20, 2013

Luxe For Less

Loving these Black Versace Spring/Summer 2013 knee-high Gladiator Sandal heels. What made me fall in love with these simple but detailed sandals were the crossed straps with the metal buckles and the pointy front on the heel. These Versace heels are 2,089 on I also found a cheaper alternative for those who love this but are out of their price range.

Right Above are the Jeffrey Campbell Don't Ask  Gladiator suede and leather material heels. They price range around 270$ which are much cheaper than the Versace ones at the top. Luxe for Less
Versace vs. Jeffrey Campbell    

Sexy Sophistication

sexy sophistication

Bardot mid length skirt
$49 -

Lanvin croc handbag
$920 -

Chanel lip stick
$34 -

This Outfit is perfect for a night out with the girls or maybe a sexy dinner date with your guy. Which ever way its goes this outfit will definitely spice you up for the night. Those stylish Giuseppe heels will help bring out a pop in the outfit but also go great with the detailing in the black skirt. I added this simple black clutch with the gold detailing for accessories and the red lipstick to set the mood for your night out. This outfit is sexy but doesn't show too much in a tasteful matter. If you love anything from this outfit the prices and website where to purchase the items are above.