Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Black Knight

Wearing: (Nastygal)  Garter Leggings | (Forever 21) Shirt | (Macy's) Wedges | (Nordstrom) Sunglasses| (Macy's) Chain Necklace

This shirt is really nice for the summer time and really gives the outfit a pop. this really cute graphic shirt can be dressed up or down and switch up the style with this shirt. My garter leggings are stylish  and can be worn  on a casual day where you don't want to dress up nor down either you can pair it  with some nice accessories and a shirt of your choice with flats, sandals or heels to get it a hot look.

I love the black straps on the heel. Its makes the heel stand out and adds uniqueness along with the clear stones. These heels are a statement piece and they will give your outfit that pop it needs. These heels will definitely have give a nice look with any casual or dressy outfit you pair them with. An great outfit you could pair these with would be a sleek black dress, some  funky accessories and  these fabulous heels to take this outfit from simple to super hot and sophisticated.

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