Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Golden Glow

Wearing: (Thread Scene) Crop Top | (The Grand Social) Slit Skirt | (Macy's) Gold & Black Necklace | Vintage Floral Belt  | Vintage Pink Heels

I decided to go for a matching top and bottom for a more sleek look. So it was nice and sunny out I chose to wear my slit skirt and my crop. I added my floral gold belt to add a little color and detailing in my outfit along with my gold and black necklace. The vintage pink shoes came along after I placed the necklace on. I wanted just a little more color so I went with the pink heels by the way I had bought the heels from a local vintage spot close near home . This was a really simple outfit for my on going day. The skirt I was wearing was also slit adjustable so if you aren't as comfortable wearing your slit so high up you could lower it to your comfort level.        

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