Friday, July 5, 2013

Abandon Flames

(Acne) Sheer Tie Blouse |  (Go Jane) Flaming Fire Leggings | (Macy's) Open Toe Heels | Cross Chain By One of my Favorite Jewelers down South |

I actually didn't plan on taking photos today but it was so nice outside so I said what the heck might as well. When I first saw those leggings I knew I had to get those especially with my style and how I love expressing myself through my fashion. These badass leggings can be worn with just about any plain, graphic, or printed shirt all depending on the person and your style on how you want to dress them. I decided to do all black cause I just love black so much lol. I also really love the sheer top its really light and flowy for the summer heat, knowing that summer heat you just got to stay cool. Hope you enjoy this look. Thanks

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